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Seasoned, Split Ironbark Firewood - Chunky Gidgee Wood BBQ Charcoal - Kindling - Chopping Blocks

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Ironbark Firewood, Chunky BBQ Charcoal & Mixed Kindling

PR Firewood Deliver Firewood, Charcoal and Kindling

We supply quality packaged firewood products for heating and BBQ cooking:

Firewood Depot: 0412 068 521

Office - Sales - Delivery: (07) 5502 6556

Gold Coast Home Delivery Prices and Bookings

Premium Quality Firewood - Home Delivery, Courier or Pick Up from Depot

  • PR Firewood supply and deliver top quality packaged firewood and kindling to all Bunnings outlets in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.
  • Local Gold Coast customers can pick up bulk loads of split, seasoned firewood from our depot or use our delivery service where available.
    We can delivery to most Gold Coast businesses and homes.
  • Home Delivery
    • Gold Coast - available for bulk loads of split, seasoned firewood sold per cubic metre and all packaged firewood products.
    • Brisbane and Queensland - All packaged firewood products available. We can deliver single bags or pallets.
    • QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC - We can deliver single bags or pallets of packaged firewood, charcoal and kindling to most suburbs and towns.

PR Firewood - All timber used is from a Sustainable Source

ALL Timber used for our firewood comes from sustainable sources. Burning firewood for heating is greenhouse gas positive. Left over root bases and decomposition of foliage more than compensate for the use of timber for firewood as all the carbon produced burning firewood has already been captured during the growing process.

"By using firewood to heat their homes, every Australian can

Reduce this country's reliance on coal-fired power generation."

Read why burning sustainable firewood has a positive effect on Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Purchase Bags of Firewood and Kindling

We sell packaged firewood and kindling in bags for retail outlets and restaurants with wood fired ovens or combustion heating. PR Firewood's packaged firewood and kindling is available in most Queensland and Northern New south Wales cities and towns. Contact Us to get our product.


Packaged Firewood, Charcoal and Kindling is available for delivery to most regions in Queensland, New South Wales, Canberra and Victoria. Delivery to Gold Coast, Gold Coast Hinterland, Brisbane-Gold Coast corridor, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Tweed Heads is almost always "next day delivery". We have a minimum order requirement subject to our terms. Contact Us for more information. Please contact the depot to arrange delivery or pick up of small loads of loose, split, seasoned firewood.

Seasoned ironbark cut for firewood into 30cm lengths.


20kg Hardwood Firewood

Aged Timber before splitting into smaller pieces and then use for our bags of firewood.

PR Firewood 20kg Bags of Seasoned, Split Firewood

20kg Hardwood Firewood - PR Firewood's Premier Product

Each bag contains only top quality Australian hardwood timbers including (but not limited to) Ironbark, Red Gum, Yellow & Grey Box, Blue Gum, Tallow and other suitable eucalypt varieties. All timber used for firewood is suitably aged before collection and processing.


Chunky Gidgee Wood BBQ Charcoal

PR Firewood's Charleville Charcoal is perfect for BBQ's and many forms of traditional style cooking as well as open fireplaces and other forms of fire heating.Restaurant Quality BBQ Charcoal

Each bag contains charcoal pieces of various sizes. Larger pieces of charcoal can be broken into uniform sizes before using. Charcoal is both an excellent source of long burning heat for cooking or warmth in a brazier, fireplace or open fire. Charcoal is the primary fuel used in Kamado (Green Egg) and Tandoori style ovens.


10kg Kindling (Mixed Timbers)

Timber before packaging our bags of kindling.

PR Firewood 10kg Bags of Mixed Timber Kindling

Kindling and Brazier Bits

Each bag of kindling contains a mixture of hardwoods and softwoods in varying shapes and sizes.


Charcoal made from the Gidgee Wood Tree

Gidgee Wood collected for charcoal production

Charleville Charcoal on FacebookPR Firewood supply and deliver the all natural, high quality charcoal produced by Charleville Charcoal. The charcoal is made from the Gidgee Wood (Acacia cambagei) tree, dead up to 10 years. The dead Gidgee Wood trees are harvested by hand from land clearing for agriculture and fire hazard minimisation.

The Gidgee Wood tree is native to arid areas of Queensland, NT and New South Wales. Gidgee Wood Trees have been used to make hot burning charcoal in Australia for over 100 years.


Seasoned Split Firewood - Our premium product

We supply loose and bagged firewood that is dry, seasoned and split, ready to burn. Delivery of loose loads are limited to the Gold Coast region however, we supply the same firewood packed in bags, delivered throughout Queensland and New South Wales (including Canberra and ACT). Charges for delivery apply.


Firewood for Heating is Greenhouse Positive

Firewood can produce the least amount of carbon dioxide (one of the main greenhouse gases) of all heating energy sources. In fact firewood from plantations is greenhouse positive due to the carbon that is sequestered in the tree's root mass.


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Packaged Firewood, Charcoal & Kindling

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