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PR Chunky BBQ Charcoal
PR Firewood - Packaged Bags of Chunky BBQ Charcoal from Charleville

Charcoal made from the Gidgee Wood Tree

Gidgee Wood collected for charcoal production

PR Firewood supply and deliver the all natural, high quality charcoal produced in Charleville. The charcoal is made from the Gidgee Wood (Acacia cambagei) tree, dead up to 10 years. The dead Gidgee Wood trees are harvested by hand from land clearing for agriculture and fire hazard minimisation.

The Gidgee Wood tree is native to arid areas of Queensland, NT and New South Wales. Gidgee Wood Trees have been used to make hot burning charcoal in Australia for over 100 years.

Charcoal is made from the slow combustion of the Gidgee Wood tree in deep pits, taking up to two months to mature. The pits are first ignited then covered with heavy steel plates and sealed for several weeks. Covering the pit will extinguish the flames and create an environment suitable for the creation of charcoal. There are no additives of any kind. All organic material is removed leaving a complex carbon matrix which makes charcoal what it is.

The unique formula used for making the best charcoal has been handed down through generations.

Gidgee Wood Charcoal - Packaged in convenient bag sizes.

PR Firewood supply Queensland produced Charcoal, used for outdoor heating and BBQ cooking. "Gidgee Wood" Charcoal has been reviewed positively by chefs and editorial journalists in Australia for many years. The combination of unique climate, conditions, charcoal manufacturing process and of course the unique Gidgee Wood tree makes this charcoal stand alone. Simply open a bag and smell the difference. The charcoal is more dense than most, about 65-75% the weight of equivalent size pieces of hardwood firewood. The charcoal burns 3-5 times longer than firewood making it economical.

Charcoal Production

Smoking Charcoal Pit

Charleville in Queensland has been producing a high grade lump charcoal from their abundant supply of long dead Gidgee Wood trees for many years. Gidgee Wood is prized for it's excellent properties as firewood and even more so for charcoal. The dead trees are "harvested" during routine land clearing for agriculture and fire hazard reduction.

Making charcoal is a simple process. Simply set fire to a pile of timber and when fully alight, cover it to extinguish the flames. Subsequent heat will continue to turn all organic material into charcoal. This is a very basic interpretation, there are a lot of factors in making a high quality charcoal. The Charleville Gidgee Wood Charcoal recipe for making the best charcoal has been handed down through the business generations.

Charcoal for Heating

Gidgee Wood Charcoal burns at a very high temperature and is an excellent fuel for heating. So good at heating that some burners will not take the heat. Make sure your combustion heater is of suitable quality for using charcoal as a combustion fuel. Charcoal used for heating is best when in larger chunks. Larger pieces of charcoal burn more slowly creating more radiant heat. Smaller pieces are best used to top up charcoal cooking fires for longer cooking times.

BBQ Charcoal

Charcoal used for cooking is best when in uniform size pieces. This allows the charcoal to burn at a uniform temperature. Charcoal cooking can be used for the perfect fast cooked steak or a succulent slow cooked chicken or joint. There are various techniques for burning BBQ charcoal for cooking with most agreeing that a natural ignition is much better than using paper or flammable fluids.

Charcoal Delivery and Availability

We can supply customers and retailers with cost effective charcoal for heating and cooking.

Charleville Charcoal


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