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PR Cooking with Charcoal
Gidgee Charcoal - Chunky BBQ Charcoal

Best Charcoal for BBQ Cooking

Do you use the best charcoal for BBQ cooking?

Charcoal made from Gidgee Wood timber is hot burning, long lasting and contains no additives. It has unique properties, the Gidgee Wood tree is one of the most dense timbers in the world. At over 1000kg per m3 it is 50% more dense than some of the hardest eucalyt timbers such as ironbark and makes the best charcoal.

Charcoal made from pine or eucalypt does not compare that of the acacia*.

*Acacia cambagei, commonly known as gidgee, stinking wattle or stinking gidgee, is an endemic tree of Australia. (Wikipedia)

Pine Charcoal

NEVER Use pine charcoal for cooking, it is toxic!


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