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PR Firewood Firewood Products
Firewood Products - Firewood for Heating and BBQ Cooking

PR Firewood - Heating and BBQ Cooking Products

PR Firewood supply and deliver packaged firewood, charcoal and kindling in bags throughout Queensland and New South Wales including ACT.

20kg Bags of Seasoned, Split Firewood

Each 20kg bag of firewood contains split pieces of dry, seasoned Queensland ironbark timber, in lengths up to 350mm.


20kg Bags of Gidgee Wood Chunky BBQ Charcoal

Each 20kg bag of Gidgee Wood Chunky BBQ Charcoal contains pieces of various sizes.


15kg Bags of Premium Range Pizza Oven Firewood

Each 15kg bag of firewood contains hand selected pieces of split, dry, seasoned Queensland ironbark timber then split into small pieces in lengths up to 330mm.


10kg Bags of Mixed Timber Kindling

Each 10kg bag of kindling contains pieces of split, dry, seasoned Australian hardwood and softwood timbers pieces in lengths up to 300mm.


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