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PR Firewood Firewood Products Packaged Firewood 15kg Pizza Oven Firewood
Firewood - 15kg Premium Range Double Split Ironbark

15kg Bags of Premium Range Pizza Oven Firewood

Each 15kg bag of firewood contains hand selected pieces of split, dry, seasoned Queensland ironbark timber then split into small pieces in lengths up to 330mm.

All timber products sold by PR Firewood are sourced from certified environmental tree plantations and supply chains so you can be sure that any firewood you purchase from PR Firewood has been collected legally and according to sustainable management principles to protect the environment.

Firewood heat is directly proportionate to the density of the timber; the denser the timber, the hotter and longer it burns. As ironbark is a naturally hard and dense timber, it's an excellent and popular choice of firewood. The majority of timber we supply for loose loads and bags of firewood is ironbark. We also sell products of hand selected and small split Western Queensland Ironbark for smoking woods and pizza ovens.

Purchase 15kg Bags of our Premium Range double split ironbark Online or:

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