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Gidgee Wood - Timber and Charcoal

Gidgee wood carving and turningGidgee wood (Acacia Cambagei) is commonly known as "Stinking Wattle". It is also one of the hardest timers in the world with a Janka hardness test rating of 19. It is also dense, at 1300kg per cubic metre. It grows in arid areas of Queensland and Northern Territory.

Gidgee wood has been used to make charcoal for longer than recorded history. Gidgee is by far the best charcoal for cooking and heating but it is hard to get in large quantities.

Gidgee wood has a reputation as one of the most beautiful timbers turned or carved. It has very distinct colours, fine grain and extreme harness.

Gidgee Wood - Timber for Carving and Furniture

Gidgee wood root showing dramatic colourAcacia Cambagei is the scientific name. It grows in the arid outback of Queensland and Northern Territory. Some trees grow up to 600mm in diameter and over 10m tall. It is a dense timber, weighing 1300kg per cubic metre. Gidgee is classified as the 3rd hardest wood in the world, according to The Wood Data Base. Janka hardness test measures the hardness of wood and rates this timer at 19. Ironbark rates at 14 and weighs 700kg per cubic metre. Janka Hardness Test Rankings.

The timber is primarily used for fence posts because of it's durability. They can last over 100 years in the ground. Much of the timber is not straight and can only be used for firewood or making charcoal.

Machining the timber is difficult but the end result is very rewarding. Timber floors (that are almost scratch resistant), furniture, musical instruments and hand crafted pieces. When polished, the grain is extraordinary with excellent colour contrasts.


Charcoal made from the Gidgee Wood Tree

Gidgee Wood collected for charcoal production

PR Firewood supply and deliver the all natural, high quality charcoal produced in Charleville. The charcoal is made from the Gidgee Wood (Acacia cambagei) tree, dead up to 10 years. The dead Gidgee Wood trees are harvested by hand from land clearing for agriculture and fire hazard minimisation.

The Gidgee Wood tree is native to arid areas of Queensland, NT and New South Wales. Gidgee Wood Trees have been used to make hot burning charcoal in Australia for over 100 years.


Best Charcoal for BBQ Cooking

Do you use the best charcoal for BBQ cooking?

Charcoal made from Gidgee Wood timber is hot burning, long lasting and contains no additives. It has unique properties, the Gidgee Wood tree is one of the most dense timbers in the world. At over 1000kg per m3 it is 50% more dense than some of the hardest eucalyt timbers such as ironbark and makes the best charcoal.


Chunky Gidgee Wood BBQ Charcoal

PR Firewood's Charleville Charcoal is perfect for BBQ's and many forms of traditional style cooking as well as open fireplaces and other forms of fire heating.Restaurant Quality BBQ Charcoal

Each bag contains charcoal pieces of various sizes. Larger pieces of charcoal can be broken into uniform sizes before using. Charcoal is both an excellent source of long burning heat for cooking or warmth in a brazier, fireplace or open fire. Charcoal is the primary fuel used in Kamado (Green Egg) and Tandoori style ovens.


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