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PR Home Firewood Range Commercial Quantities
PR Firewood supply QLD, NSW, ACT & Victoria

Wholesale - Commercial Quantities for Retailers

Premium Ironbark Firewood: 25kg, 20kg, 15kg and 10kg.

We deliver containers or pallets of packaged firewood, charcoal and kindling to most regional towns in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria all year. Only top quality Australian hardwood timbers are used for firewood and include (but not limited to) Ironbark, Red Gum, Yellow & Grey Box, Blue Gum, Tallow and other sustainable eucalypt varieties. Code of Practice. Timber used for our firewood has been dead for a minimum of 10 years and in most cases more than 20 years before harvesting. The cut timber is delivered to our depot then split, accumulated into piles for sorting and processed for packaging and home delivery. 

Packaged Firewood Delivered

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, QLD, NSW, ACT and VIC

Benefit from our extensive and prompt delivery service. Contact Us to find out how we can deliver to your business:

  • 25kg Firewood - Minimum order 30 bags per pallet (Plain Packaging)
  • 20kg Firewood - Minimum order 30 bags per pallet (PR Firewood)
  • 15kg Firewood - Minimum order 36 bags per pallet (PR Firewood)
  • 12kg Firewood - Minimum order 48 bags per pallet (PR Firewood)
  • 10kg Kindling - Minimum order 48 bags per pallet (PR Firewood)
  • 20kg Charcoal - Minimum order 30 bags per pallet (Plain Packaging)
  • Custom packaging available
  • Custom Mix for one pallet (Conditions apply - Contact Us)
  • Pallet delivery to commercial outlets and retail stores only
  • Free delivery available for significant distributors. (Conditions apply - Contact Us)
  • Containers of Loose or Bagged Firewood, Kindling and Charcoal available upon request.
  • 20' and 40' Containers of loose or package firewood, packaged charcoal or a combination of firewood, charcoal and kindling can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. Bags cannot be included with loose loads of firewood in containers.
    LOADING LOOSE FIREWOOD: We upend containers and load loose firewood with an excavator until the container is full. Weight is calculated by a regulated weigh station while in transit from our depot to delivery point. You will need to agree to a price per cubic metre and accept our price per tonne before we process your order. All prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS! Price per cubic metre will always be higher than a tonnage rate, this is why we measure by the cubic metre to provide an estimate and charge per tonne for exact pricing.

Commercial Firewood Quantities

Delivered to: Queensland - New South Wales - Victoria

Contact us with your requirements for packaged firewood, charcoal and kindling supplied in bags and stacked on pallets.

  • Choice of packed weight for Firewood - 25kg, 20kg, 15kg or 12kg bags;
  • 10kg Mixed Timber Kindling;
  • Choice of packed weight for Charcoal - 20kg;
  • Delivery available to all cities and large towns including regional country areas in Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Canberra and Victoria.
  • Custom packaging is available. Additional setup costs will apply. Your design must be very simple to get the best price for printing bags. Contact Us for more info.

Custom Packaging for Firewood, Charcoal & Kindling

Contact Us with your requirements for packaged firewood, charcoal or kindling. We can supply all packaging requirements including Bar Codes.

Please include all details about your requirements:

  • Custom Printed Bags - Include Bar Code, company logo etc.
  • Minimum quantity required, (first order)
  • Delivery Schedule, (expected turnover)
  • Receiving Capability, (forklift or manual unload)
  • Generic Pallets or Pallet Account (LOSCAM)

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