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Ironbark Firewood and Hardwood Varieties

Seasoned Split Ironbark - Premium Quality Firewood

We supply loose and bagged firewood that is dry, seasoned and split, ready to burn. Delivery of loose loads are limited to the Gold Coast region however, we supply the same firewood packed in bags, delivered throughout Queensland and New South Wales (including Canberra and ACT). Charges for delivery apply.

Ironbark Firewood - Processed and Packed into Bags

Timber used for our bags of firewood is Australia's predominate hardwood timber used as firewood for heating or BBQ Cooking. Ironbark is more dense than most other eucalypt species and definitely better that all other species offered as firewood including redgum. Timber used for our firewood has been dead for a minimum of 10 years and in most cases more than 20 years before harvesting.

Aged Timber split into smaller pieces and then used for our bags of firewood.

PR Firewood deliver loose firewood to most residential, commercial and business locations on the Gold Coast. Stacking is not included in the price but is available by request and additional charges will apply.

Packaged firewood, kindling and charcoal can be delivered almost anywhere in Australia.

PR Firewood's bagged seasoned and split hardwood logs include mostly Ironbark. Other varieties include Red Gum, Yellow Box, Grey Box, Blue Gum, Tallow and other suitable eucalypt species.

Firewood heat is directly proportionate to the density of the timber; the denser the timber, the hotter and longer it burns. As ironbark is a naturally hard and dense timber, it's an excellent and popular choice of firewood. The majority of timber we supply for loose loads and bags of firewood is ironbark.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs are split and ready to burn!

  • Call now for same or next day delivery for Gold Coast residents and business',
  • Minimum Order for delivery is 1 cubic metre, delivery charges apply.
  • *See Delivery Terms and Conditions (Policy)

Seasoned ironbark firewood split and ready to burn



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