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BBQ Charcoal Varieties

Delivery to most major and regional towns in Queensland and New South Wales. PR Firewood can supply this exclusive, high quality Gidgee Wood Charcoal from the Charleville region in Western Queensland. The charcoal is made from Gidgee Wood trees, dead for over 10 years. The dead Gidgee Wood tree limbs are harvested off the ground by hand, usually for land clearing, agricultural use or fire hazard minimisation. Gidgee Wood is native to the most arid areas of Queensland, NT and New South Wales.

Australian made and Imported BBQ Charcoal

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  • Restaurants that use a charcoal grill - Contact PR Firewood here.
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PR Firewood supply Queensland produced "Gidgee Wood" Charcoal, used for outdoor heating and BBQ cooking. Gidgee Wood Charcoal has been reviewed positively by chefs and TV critics accross Australia for years. The combination of a  unique climate and growing conditions, proven charcoal manufacturing process and of course the unique Gidgee Wood tree makes this charcoal stand alone. Simply open a bag and smell the difference. The charcoal is more dense than most, about 65-75% the weight of equivalent size pieces of hardwood firewood. The charcoal burns 3-5 times longer than firewood making it economical.


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