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PR Home Product Information Recycled Kindling

Hardwood and Softwood Kindling in Bags

Delivery to most major and regional towns in Queensland and New South Wales. All top quality Australian machine cut hardwood timbers used (but not limited to) include Ironbark, Red Gum, Yellow & Grey Box, Blue Gum, Tallow and other suitable eucalypt varieties. All timber used for kindling is clean and suitably aged before processing.

Packaged Firewood

Packaged Firewood and Kindling in Bags

Mixed Hardwood and Softwood Kindling - Ready to use!

  • Available,
    • 10kg Mixed Kindling is packed 48 bags per pallet,
    • 8kg Kiln Dried Kindling is packed 60 boxes per pallet.

Our machine cut hardwood kindling is free of rubbish and sawdust

Custom Printed Packaging

For retailers and wholesalers, bags can be custom printed on bags with choice of colours.


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