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Queensland Ironbark - Seasoned, Split and Ready to Burn

Ironbark Firewood - Packaged, Wholesale or Bulk Loose Loads

Buy Ironbark firewood online and delivered to your door.PR Firewood deliver bags of firewood to most major and regional towns in Queensland and northern New South Wales. We sell firewood containing only quality Australian hardwood timbers including (but not limited to) Ironbark, Red Gum, Yellow & Grey Box, Blue Gum, Tallow and other suitable eucalypt varieties. Firewood heat is directly proportionate to the density of the timber; the denser the timber, the hotter and longer it burns. As ironbark is a naturally hard and dense timber, it's an excellent and popular choice of firewood. The majority of timber we supply for loose loads and bags of firewood is ironbark. We also sell products of hand selected and small split Western Queensland Ironbark for smoking woods and pizza ovens.

All timbers used for firewood are suitably aged before collection and delivered to our Gold Coast Depot for processing, packaging and delivery to the customer.

Packaged Firewood

Packaged Firewood, Charcoal, Smoking Woods and Kindling

Firewood - Seasoned and Split Hardwood Logs - Ready to use!

  • Available:
    • 13m (Cubic metre) Load of loose firewood,
    • 20kg Bags of Firewood are packed 30 bags per pallet,
    • 15kg Bags of Firewood are packed 36 bags per pallet,
    • 15kg Bags of Double Split Ironbark are packed 48 bags per pallet.

Seasoned firewood split and ready to burn

Charcoal - Premium Range "Gidgee Wood" Charcoal - Best BBQ Fuel!

  • Packaged Charcoal available in 20kg, 12kg or 10kg Bags:
    • 20kg Bags of Charcoal are packed 30 bags per pallet,

Charleville Charcoal produce their charcoal from the slow combustion of the Gidgee Wood tree in deep pits, taking up to two months to mature. The pits are first ignited then covered for several weeks. Covering the pit will extinguish the flames and create an environment suitable for the creation of charcoal.

Kindling - Mixed Hardwood and Softwood Timbers - Ready to burn!

  • Available:
    • 10kg Bags of Mixed Timber Kindling are packed 48 bags per pallet.
    • 8kg Boxes of Kiln Dried Kindling are packed 56 cartons per pallet.

Our machine cut hardwood kindling is free of rubbish and sawdust


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