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Charcoal and Smoking Woods for BBQ Grills and Wood Fired Ovens

Restaurant Quality Firewood, Charcoal and Smoking Woods

Wood fired ovenPremium Range Fuels for Restaurants with Wood Fired Ovens and BBQ Grills

We supply packaged or bulk firewood, smoking woods and charcoal for commercial use in wood fired ovens and BBQ grills. Larger pieces available on request.

Best burning products for BBQ and oven cooking:

  • Firewood is ironbark, a dense eucalypt,
    Ironbark leaves a very small amount of waste after combustion.
  • Charcoal is made from gidgee wood trees,
    Gidgee wood charcoal leaves almost no waste.
  • Smoking Woods supplied by Ministry of Smoke.

Our fuels are recommended by many chefs as their preferred heating methods for BBQ Grill and wood fired oven cooking.

Delivery and Stock Available All Year

  • Prompt delivery service for Gold Coast and Brisbane restaurants,
  • Sydney - Very competitive rate for freight and prompt delivery service,
  • Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba - Prompt delivery, competitive freight prices,
  • Queensland, New South Wales and ACT - For prices and delivery Contact Us

Buy Ironbark firewood online and delivered to your door.Buy Firewood Online


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