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PR Firewood: Bagged Kindling Delivery

Kindling Products made from 100% Recyled Waste

Timber before packaging our bags of kindling.

Kindling and Brazier Bits

Bags of kindling contains a mixture of hardwoods and softwoods in varying shapes and sizes.

Boxes of kindling contain machine cut kiln dried hardwoods and softwoods cut to length.

Tips for Igniting Firewood with Kindling:

  • Use the combination of stacking smallest to largest pieces of kindling when preparing to start your fire,
  • Softwoods ignite faster than hardwoods, especially in damp or wet conditions,
  • Make sure plenty of air can fuel the fire from below,
  • Do not build a fire in a combustion stove on the hard surface base, use an appropriate grid or rack,
  • Keep your bags of kindling dry, store out of direct sunlight.

Kindling Products


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