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Firewood Storage

In order for wood to burn efficiently it needs to be dry. The way you store your firewood can greatly effect how dry your wood is and it’s quality and keep it from rotting. Dry firewood is not only easier to burn, it also produces more heat and less smoke. Dry wood produces less creosote which can build up in your chimney and cause flue fires. Excess moisture can also cause the firewood to decay.


If your wood is green or wet the main focus needs to be on drying it. One of the best ways to do this is to stack it outside where it will get direct exposure to the sun and wind. Wet wood will still dry if you put it in a shed or under cover but not as fast. Just make sure it’s covered in a way that allows plenty of air circulation.

Once your firewood is dry it will need to be covered to keep the rain off but in a way that still allows air circulation. A firewood shed is one of the best places to store firewood. A lean to or any covered structure can be the most convenient and effective ways to keep your firewood dry.

Stack firewood neatly, off the ground!Store Timber Outside

Store wood in a well ventilated, covered location. A wood shed with an open side, preferably to the north, is best. If a woodshed is not available, wood stored in the open with a secured waterproof cover (e.g. a tarpaulin or corrugated iron) on top is the next best option.

If possible, store firewood off the ground, on a pallet, layer of bricks, stone, or plastic sheet to prevent moisture from being drawn up into the wood. This also reduces the number of insects getting into the woodpile, minimizing the risk of being bitten. Wood stored in a criss-cross pattern allows for greater air circulation.

Firewood should never be stored against a house, as it allows a bridge for termites. In areas where bush fires are a risk, storing wood against a house is a dangerous practice.

If firewood has to be stored in the open, keep a few days supply under cover. Seasoned firewood whetted by rain will dry again within a few days.


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