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Protect Australia's Natural Resources & Environment

Collection of Firewood

As commercial firewood suppliers, we source all our timber from sustainable supply chains in accordance with the Voluntary Code of Practice for Commercial Firewood Suppliers.

The best type of wood to burn is open to debate. Heavy eucalypt timbers (ironbark etc) are typically favoured for firewood. As a general rule, heavier timbers produce more heat for the volume of wood and last longer in burning. However, most types of wood are suitable for burning when dry.

Firewood Collection - Articles and Resources

Regulatory Impact Statement: National Approach to Firewood Collection and Use in Australia

There is now a recognised need to address some impacts of Australia's firewood industry, especially collection of firewood sourced from private land in drier regions where there has already been a large amount of clearing for agriculture and related biodiversity losses.

Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

Collecting firewood doesn't have to cause environmental damage. This web site provides information about the impacts of firewood harvesting and how people can continue to use firewood with as little environmental damage as possible. Read more.

Victorian Government Department of Sustainability and Environment

The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) leads the Victorian Government's efforts to sustainably manage water resources and catchments, climate change, bushfires, parks and other public land, forests, biodiversity and ecosystem conservation.

New South Wales Government Department of Primary Industries

Forests NSW is reminding people that a permit is required to collect firewood from State forests ...
Read more

Tasmania Government Department of Justice - State of the Environment - Biodiversity

Firewood is a valuable source of renewable energy, if the source areas are managed appropriately. A sustainable firewood industry could be created in Tasmania if extraction and use were to be subject to best practice management whilst improving the viability of the commercial firewood gathering industry.


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