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PR Firewood use only Australian Hardwood Timber from Sustainable Sources

Sustainable Timber Supply - Our Code of Practice

Using sustainably harvested firewood to heat your home can help reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. Read why burning sustainable firewood has a positive effect on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We are a commercial firewood supplier and source all our timber from sustainable supply chains in accordance with the Voluntary Code of Practice for Commercial Firewood Suppliers, as stipulated by ...

The Firewood Association of Australia Inc

Voluntary Code of Practice for Commercial Firewood Suppliers:

As firewood suppliers, we agree that:

  1. We will not knowingly sell firewood that is sourced in contravention of any statutory codes of practice or other mechanisms that control forest management and vegetation clearance and relevant laws relating to firewood that apply in the relevant State or Territory.
  2. Firewood will be sourced in accordance with sustainable management principles to protect biodiversity and ecosystem processes, including:
    • Firewood will not be collected from areas where collection may have a significant impact on listed threatened species or listed threatened ecological communities
    • Firewood will be collected in a manner that conforms to regional vegetation and catchment management/natural resource management plans and other relevant plans.
  3. Information on all types of firewood offered for sale will be provided to consumers – including species (e.g. river red gum, yellow box, pine), locality (e.g. Western NSW, private property) and source (e.g. native forest and woodland, plantation).
  4. Information on correct storage and burning practices will be provided to consumers.
  5. Where practicable, seasoned firewood (i.e. that with an internal moisture content of less than 25% (dry weight)) will be sold.  Where unseasoned wood is sold it will be accompanied by advice on the time at which the wood will be sufficiently dry to burn.
  6. Sale of firewood will be in such a manner as to ensure that consumers receive what they pay for.  Sale of firewood will comply with the requirements of relevant trade measurement regulations in each state and territory.
  7. Firewood will preferably be sourced from harvesting operations in plantations and sustainably managed native forests that are regenerated and re-grown, or from residue from manufacturing processes or salvage operations.
  8. Wood that is painted, coated with plastic or chemically treated will not be sold as firewood.
  9. Data on firewood supply, including species, locality, land tenure and the nature of the harvest operations, as well as sales will be provided to the certification body.
  10. Information about this Code and the certification system will be freely disseminated to firewood suppliers, contractors and consumers.

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