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PR Delivery Split Firewood (Bulk) Gold Coast Depot
PR Firewood - Gold Coast Depot

Firewood Depot - Pick up or Delivery

Bulk quantities of premium split, dry firewood and kindling available all year.

Trailer loads, ute loads, boot loads ...

Loads of loosely stacked firewood are measured by the cubic metre. There is some natural spacing when stacked evenly and this can make exact measurement difficult. Knowing this, we are always generous with our quantities. Loose firewood is sold in lots of approximately 1 cubic metre and is measured and loaded on our trucks using a 1/3m3 bucket excavator.

Maudsland Depot Hours

PLEASE Contact us to make an appointment for all pick-ups.

Our depot can be very busy at times and is therefore very important we know when you are expected to arrive.

||  Office: (07) 5502 6556  ||  Depot: 0412 068 521


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