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PR Sunshine Coast Firewood Delivery
Firewood, Charcoal and Kindling - Packed in Bags - Delivery to Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Firewood

Each bag contains only top quality Australian hardwood timbers including (but not limited to) Ironbark, Red Gum, Yellow & Grey Box, Blue Gum, Tallow and other suitable eucalypt varieties. All timber used for firewood is suitably aged before collection and processing. Each bag of kindling contains a mixture of hardwoods and softwoods in varying shapes and sizes.

Sunshine Coast Firewood

Packaged firewood is the easiest way to buy fuel for heating and cooking. Our bags of firewood contain seasoned, split timber pieces of a consistent size. Minimum quantity applies. Conditions apply.

PR Firewood supply Packaged Firewood, Charcoal and Kindling for Heating and BBQ Cooking

Home delivery of our seasoned, split firewood, charcoal and kindling available to most Sunshine Coast locations.



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